Road transport in Pakistan

Helper washing a bus. Pakistan

Helper washing a bus. Pakistan

There is next to no training for would be drivers,… and the test is a farce. Licences are invariably obtained through bribery, and as a result there are real dangers on the roads and streets from poor judgement and suicidal manoeuvres. The general rule on Pakistan’ s roads is “might is right”. Pakistani newspapers are full of stories of buses “turning turtle”, followed invariably by the lines “driver is absconding”. Indeed, accidents often produce large and angry crowds, so the best way to avoid being beaten up ( if not worse) is to flee… ( The same is true in India where sometimes the newspapers relate the tragic end of truck drivers who have been killed by the crowd because they were responsible of a road accident !)

In theory, vehicles drive on the left ! But many drivers tend to forget the good manners… Moreover, pedestrians, cattle and a wide range of other animals roam at will. It can be particularly dangerous when driving after dark because few vehicles are ever lit. The general rule of night-driving seems to be kill your lights as you approach an on-coming vehicle, and then hit them with the full beam just before you pass ! Similarly, use of the indicator lights does not necessarily mean “I am turning right/left”; it can also be read as “Please overtake me to the left/right !”.

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  1. hello fellow blogger! Love your pic of the Pak bus – seems like a truck converted into a bus – is that the case? am following your blog to stay connected.

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