“Adults are not serious”

Newar boy working as a priest in a temple. Nepal.

Newar boy working as a priest in a temple. Nepal.

That’s what said Boris Cyrulnik, a famous neuro-psychiatrist from France. As a jewish boy during the WWII, he escaped many attempts by the nazis to send him to the concentration camps. Sometimes the Gestapo and French militiamen tried hard to arrest him ( and other jews), sometimes he managed to escape because of the gross negligence of those who wanted to arrest him. That’s why as a young boy he understood adults were not serious…

Now considered in France as the pope of the resilience ( the ability to bounce back after a hard blow), he says 70 % of the children who have endured what he has endured have succeeded in life. It’s because they have been deeply traumatised by war. They have become neurotic, they feel good only when they are working. So, they work, they work, they work,… He confesses to be like that and adds that big social success is not a sign of balance.


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