In India, eating human flesh is a way to gain spiritual powers

Aghori sadhu. Ujjain, India.

Here is some publicity for a video :

It’s about cannibalism, “aghori sadhu” and what faithful people can do… It’s gruesome but there are people who like it !

For those who don’t know, “sadhu” are hindu men who renunce everything to devote their life to God. There are many denominations, one of them being the Aghori. “Sadhu” belonging to this “order” live in cremation grounds, drink alcohol ( something despised by orthodox hindus) and eat…human flesh ( something also despised by orthodox hindus I don’t know why !). They do it for religious reasons, they believe its a way to acquire spiritual powers. Indeed, eating human flesh requires mental strength, you have to overcome the prejudices,…and hindus believe mental strength is the right way to achieve anything. ( Well, that’s the orthodox hindu point of view. I’m not sure those who spend their days cleaning latrines think alike !)


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