India : urine is good for health

Indian girl suffering from a skin problem. Her face is smeared with mud from a hindu temple. Rajasthan, India.

Among the medicines recommended by the ayurveda ( the main indian traditional system of medicine, the other one being the siddha), most of them are made out of plants. Nowadays, more than 1.000 plants are used for medical reasons. In the past, more than 3.000 plants were used. Mineral and animal substances were also used like fat, milk and its by-products but also blood, bones, nails, horns. Medical texts ( written between the begining of the christian era and the XVI° century) praise the virtues of urine. For example, goat urine is good for cough, breathlessness, anaemia and piles. Horse urine is also recommended for the “wind” and “phlegm” problems. ( Wind and phlegm are two of the three humors that ensure the balance of the five fundamental elements of the matter, so the balance of the body. When the humors are not in balance, the body is affected.) In the past, human urine was used as an ointment to cure some eye affections.


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