India: from brain drain to brain gain

Muslim girl in a school. Gujarat, India.

The indian brain drain began in the 60’s. At this time, the labour market was saturated. So many newly graduates went to the West where the barrier to immigration had been opened recently. The first destination was USA where the Immigration Act fostered the entrance of highly qualified persons from 1965. According to the Indian visa authorities, 4575 people left India between 1955 and 1965. 100 771 during the next decade…After USA, the main destination were UK, Canada and Australia where many of them succeeded.

Since the economic boom in India, many expatriates are coming back : this is the brain gain. Many Indians leave their country to study and obtain university degrees ( in particular at Harvard or in Massachusetts, USA) but they come back in India to offer their expertise and benefit from the economic boom. Moreover, the cost of life is about ten times less expensive in India than in the West. So, it’s possible to pay a nanny, a cook, a driver and a personal gym teacher for a few dozen euros ( or dollars) monthly. Something impossible in any western country ! In addition of the comfort, there is the pride and excitation of participating in an adventure, building the new India.


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