India : finding a job 16 years after applying and…

In Rajasthan ( one of the Indian states), a man tried in 1992 to enter the Border Security Force ( an army batalion watching the Indian borders) but failed the medical test. Amazed by the decision of the army, he filed a petition to the High Court of Rajasthan. The High Court proved him right but he had to wait until 1997 to do a second medical test. The man succeeded but the final verdict has been given in… 2009, 12 years later ! Obviously, the man physical condition was no more what it was in 1997. Moreover he had exceeded the minimum recruitment age. Because of the waiting period, the judgment was not applicable. But the High Court decided the man had to benefit of all the advantages he would have had if he had been accepted 16 years earlier.

“To lose the patience is to lose the battle” M.Gandhi

A far cry from what happened in february 2005 in Uttar pradesh ( a north-Indian state that is incidentally the most populated of the Union) when hundreds of young men turned unruly during the police constables recruitment. Indeed, an unexpectedly large number of youth had arrived to try their luck for a cop’s job. As soon as officers entrusted with the recruitment task announced that only a certain number of youth would be tested for the day, a section of the mob turned unruly and began pelting stones. Some police officers were hurt in the melee. Subsequently, the police resorted to a “lathi” (cane) charge to chase away the enraged youth. Next day, the recruitment was resumed but with the help of additional forces.


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