India : on astrology, new-borns…and the will to control life

Astrologer with a client. India.

Consulting an astrologer, that’s something common in India. Practising a caesarean operation too. After all, surgery (“shalya kriya”) was already known in ancient India due to Sushruta, a surgeon who lived in the 4°century AD. But now, many Indians are mixing both. Indeed, whatever their caste or religion, many Indians believe if a child is born at a particular time, it will be beneficial for him. So, more and more middle-class couples consult an astrologer to know when will be the best day, the best hour for their son to be born and then ask to a surgeon to operate the mother at the right time.

It seems amazing but they are only applying to their progeny what many hindus do already for marriages, before buying a car or starting an election campaign. The astrologer is seen as a counsellor, a confessor and a guide through the life. He acts as a mediator between the self and the universe ( which are one according to the hindu religion). Often, he is called to provide a second opinion on a doctor’s diagnosis. For new parents, he prepares complex planetary charts based on the baby’s precise time and place of birth with a detailed interpretation of the new-born future personality traits, health hazards, aptitudes, characterics of the ideal marriage partner,…


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