Islam : in the beginning was the duty of peace

Muslim girl in a fundamentalist koranic school. India.

There is seldom been a time in history when muslims were so looked down upon and so oppressed as they are today. The prophet Muhammad brought only one Islam. But today there are many muslim religions. There are the sunni and the shia, themselves divided into many groups. Some of these interpretations and teachings are so different that their followers accuse each other of not being muslims. Indeed, they regard many who profess to be muslims as infidels. Because of all these different interpretations, each claiming to be the true followers of the religion, muslims are thoroughly confused.

Disunited, fighting each other for power, lacking in essential knowledge and skills, misapplying their Allah-given wealth, muslims have reached a low point in their development. And they are unwilling to see the reality of the situation or admit they have deviated from the teachings of Islam. Frustated and angry, some have resorted to terrorism. Many even believe they have been successful in this. But what the muslims have really gained by these acts of terror ? The enemies of Islam have now found justifications for putting more pressure on muslims, for treating them and their religion with contempt.

Nowadays, muslims fight and die not to achieve any real objective such as freeing themselves from oppression. They fight and die to retaliate, take revenge and vent their anger. They don’t plan or strategize. Even their terror attacks seem to be random, isolated and uncoordinated. The muslims have lost their way… And when you lose your way, you have to return to the beginning and start again.

The most fundamental teaching of Islam is peace. Muslims greet each other with the wish for peace. Salam aleïkoum. Is it just an empty greeting ? The Koran states that all muslims are brothers. Being of the same family, brothers should love each other and be united. Peace being the basic teaching, shouldn’t muslims strive for it at least among themselves and then with other faiths ?

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