India : the place where there are no ( few) thieves

Hindu man praying in a temple. Orissa, India.

In Maharashtra ( one of the indian states), there is a hindu temple where the chief deity, Cheroba, has the power to teach a lesson to thieves. Local people say that every stolen good will come back to you if the god is worshipped. And offering prayers and asking for help is enough. The thief has to bring back the good himself. Otherwise, he will have to face problems.

Such practice could have its origin in the apathy of the local policemen towards petty crimes but has grown into a cult. Devotees offer coconut. They crack the fruit and collect the water in utensils because the coconut water is believed to have miraculous powers. So the temple reputation has grown. Nowadays it receives hundreds of visitors daily, some coming from other states in the hope to get their belongings back. People even believe a spoonful can cure dreaded diseases.

One may wonder if it is efficient ! It seems so because thefts are known to be rare in the area.


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