In India, cow urine is used as a cosmetic

Rajasthan, India

For dazzling teeth, glowing skin and a slim body, cow urine is recommended by hindu nationalists. They claim to have indigenous remedies for conditions ranging from diabetes, to skin disease, constipation, asthma, pimples and even cancer. In specialized shops, they sell bottles that contain a “healthful” concoction of “panchagavya”, the five cow products ( milk, curd, clarified butter, urine and dung).

“There is a cure for almost all ailments but people do not realise that” says a man who manages a shop selling cow products including the latest range of cosmetics. “And everything is inexpensive.” Filtered cow urine, that is said to be effective for cancer, costs Rs 80 ( 1€, US$ 1,50). The more popular products are those for reducing obesity, shampoos, teeth powders and soaps. But there are also items for arthritis and joint pains, aftershaves, skin whiteners and incenses.


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