On indian callousness

Agra, India.

Here is an example of the lack of concern for details that has become the hallmark of the Indian life at every level. In 2004, P.V. Naramsinha Rao, a former Prime Minister, died. According to the hindu rites, his body has been cremated but his half-burnt body has been left on the pyre at midnight for lack of wood…and care ! Thus, the man who is responsible of the liberalization of India was abandoned on the pyre by people close to him.

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3 Responses to On indian callousness

  1. aashu says:

    Is jaise logo ka yahi haal hona chahiye thoo

  2. Please clarify about the pic! is it original? actually of PVNR or representation purpose only! since it created havoc on Face Book and Twitter! Waiting for your prompt reply 🙂

    • This is not the photo of PV Narasimha Rao body! This is a photo shot in Agra few years ago. On the banks of the Yamuna river on a winter morning. The body was surrounded by some stray dogs…

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