India : Mira Baï, a mystical princess who renunced everything to live her passion

Folk artists from Rajasthan, India.

Mira Baï, a 16° century princess, is still famous for the numerous hymns she wrote, all in praise of Krishna, the god of love, one of the main hindu gods. Her poems are still sung in northern India, and in this country where people like to create legends, she is now considered as a symbol of loyalty to the divine love.

Born in a small village near Merta ( in the Thar desert ), she got married to the son of Rana Sangha, then a renowned king in western India. But her husband died soon. And she refused to burn herself alive on his funeral pyre ( it was the tradition then) to follow her mystique. Because her relatives didn’t approve her choice, she had to defoil conspiracies and attempts of murder. 

She left everything to satisfy her love for Krishna. She  became a “sadhvi”, a woman who renounces the worldly life dedicate her time to god, a wanderer who live out of begging. She is now worshipped as a goddess.

It was 5 centuries ago but nowadays hindus, be they men or women, are still passionate of Krishna. Some years ago, a woman from Lucknow, the capital of the Indian state of Uttar pradesh, married with the god ! She said her bedroom was plastered with photographs of him. She called her action “normal”, saying she was not the only one who did it.


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