India : royal funeral for a monkey

Hindu boy dressed and made up like Hanuman, the monkey-god. India.

At Patna ( the capital of the indian state of Bihar), hundreds of people took to the streets to give a royal farewell to a monkey that died of electric shock. A huge procession inched its way towards a ground where the monkey was cremated according to hindu rites. A musical band led the mourners who chanted “Jai shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”, two devotional hindu songs.

The monkey died after coming into contact with a live wire. “People collected money for the funeral. Many think that by dying, the monkey saved people from electrocutiuon.” said a mourner.

It has to be said hindus respect monkeys. They are believed to be the companions of Hanuman, the monkey-god, one of the more popular hindu gods.


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