India : the penis preference

Girl making up. India.

India’s shortage of women is giving rise to an entire generation of young men with no prospects of finding a mate. Biology, sociology and history suggest the imbalance will lead to crime and social disorder. And ultimately, the sexual frustration of the indian men will affect the economic growth.

The desire for sons in India as well as in other asian countries is causing a dangerous gender gap. In some parts of India, 120 boys are born for every 100 girls. Estimates say men will outnumber women by more than 20 millions by 2030. And the trend is growing…

A consequence of the Indians becoming richer may be more sex selection. Improving ultrasound and amniocentesis technology is making it easier for parents to abort girls, and reports of female infanticide are becoming routine. The wealthier the region, the wider the gender divide is likely to be.

What all these single men will do with their desire for female companionship ? Sadly, the real winner could be the human trafficking business amid increased demand for prostitution and the outright purchase of mates.

India’s government is concerned by this issue. But at the moment, having a boy is considered as a retirement plan ( There are also religious reasons to explain why parents prefer boys than girls.) and until it changes, Indians are likely to welcome fewer and fewer daughters. The society need to reduce the dependence of parents on their male children. This will require improvements in social security and policies to improve education and female participation in the workforce. “We must carry forward the message that every human being is born equal in dignity, worth and human rights.”says a UN person in charge.

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