The indian science of colour and its healing effects

Dyeing factory. Rajasthan, India.

Colours have a healing property and can have an important effect on your mental and physical well being. That’s why colour therapy, an ancient healing process that uses natural sunlight, has convinced many patients ( in India and other countries) to undergo treatment for skin diseases, lung disorders and cardiac problems.

“Colour therapy is a natural form of healing that uses the sun’s rays to cure illnesses and works on the principle of using natural colours” says an ayurvedic practitioner ( a “vaidya”). “Not many Indians may be aware but colour therapy is a part of the traditional indian medicine ( the ayurveda system). Physicians like Charaka ( 1°-2° century A.D.) and Sushruta ( 4° century A.D.)  had already described the use of light to cure various illnesses.”

According to this practitioner, the colour therapy that is used in India is different from what is used in other countries. “We are following the ayurvedic principles which are scientific in nature. Different colours are used for different illnesses. For example, in case of a rhumatoid arthritis patient, we use red colours. For a tuberculosis patient, white and yellow is used in the initial stages, then green.”

Colour therapy was used in ancient Egypt. There the people worshipped Ra, the sun god, and built temples for colour healing where Egyptians would go to be revitalised. But in India too, the sun god Surya was worshipped. Since long, since 3.000 years at least…Being the source of light and warmth, Surya had the ability to control the seasons and the power to grant and withhold the ripening of the crops. For agricultural communities, he was one of the main gods. Already, Indians had a thorough knowledge of their environment : they knew which plants, which herbs, which roots,… had medicinal  values. Through the centuries, they developed one of the oldest system of medicine, the ayurveda (i.e. the science of life), a systematic study of the body, mind and soul, that has detailed all colours and their healing properties.

Though prolonged exposure to the sunlight is harmful, a glass chamber is used. “Glass panels are covered with different coloured ribbons as per the disease. The exposure to the coloured sun’s rays is given during the early morning and evening when the rays are not too powerful to harm.” But colour therapy alone don’t cure. It has to be used in association with ayurvedic medicines. But for skin disorders, colour therapy has proved to be very effective.

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