India : children married to puppies

Girl belonging to a shepherd caste. Gujarat, India.

In Jharkhand ( one of the indian states), man’s best friend sometimes become his lifelong partner too. Recently, three boys and two girls ( all of them are tribals) were married to puppies in a village. Salu, the mother of one of the girls, seven year old Puspa, said : “This is a tradition. We set the puppy free after the marriage.”

The common view among the locals is that marriages to puppies save the village from evil spells. Such weddings take place twice every year. Puppies that are used in the ritual are called “Pida panda”( one who drives away evil). Fully grown dogs are not allowed in the ritual. All the regular tribal customs take place in this ceremony with a priest officiating, guests blessing the couples and performers entertaining the gathering. Dowry in cash and new clothes are given to the bride.


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