Hard work, not holidays, is the key for happiness

Worker in a brick kiln. India.

Hard work is the path to happiness. Money, love and success bring only temporary joy whereas the effort taken to achieve a goal provides more satisfaction than the goal itself. Striving to achieve something gives a purpose to life. And this is the meaning of happiness. But I confess work is tyranny for a person when it becomes a chore, forced by external factors and conditions.

Because happiness can’t be bought with cash, it has to be earned by pursuing it in meaningful ways, and what is meaningful varies from person to person. But in each case, what matters is the journey not the destination. So, being happy is possible if one understands the mechanism which causes the feeling : working hard to reach the goal.

The leisure industry can’t sell it. Sitting under the sun with nothing to do is not a solution despite tourism firms selling holidays as happiness.

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