India : begging is a good job

Girl begging while lying on a thorny bush. India.

A study of 3526 beggars conducted by Delhi university found four had university degrees while 6 had completed college. They are now begging around traffic junctions because they could not find suitable jobs. The study said there were 58.000 beggars in the capital but NGOs put the figure at around 75.000.

Several beggars earn up to Rs 500 a day ( 7 euros, US$ 9), higher than what many white-collars workers make. Many says they don’t plan to take up regular jobs. And that’s not all. As many as 355 have their own house and cycle or take public transport to reach their begging spots.


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One Response to India : begging is a good job

  1. bucketdave says:

    This is fascinating! I’ve always wondered about this. I knew there had to be good money out there begging. It’s like anything. If you master your craft, you can make good money. That said, I wouldn’t want to be a begger. Money or not, it doesn’t seem like that much fun.

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